“Let your virtual accountant take care of your business’s financial management so you can focus on the stuff you love!

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Are you spending too much time on the financial side of your business when you should be in the driver’s seat? Need an accountant or a chief financial officer (CFO)?

You are not alone. Most business owners and company managers are confronted with the onerous challenge of managing their finances whilst they steer their ship. For whatever reason, this may not be your comfort zone – due to a lack of financial knowledge; dealing with your numbers is not what you enjoy; the paperwork keeps piling up or; you never seem to have enough hands on deck to keep on top of your financial management.

We provide you with a flexible and affordable solution tailored to meet your critical business needs without the expense of hiring a professional on a full time basis. Your business will have access to a virtual or onsite CFO at your disposal, allowing you to benefit from their expertise. Whether you wish to streamline your business, boost performance, minimise risk, increase sales or prepare for growth, your CFO will provide you with sound advice and execution. You can then get on with what you are really passionate about – spreading the word about your business!

Let MobileCFO be your helping hand who you can count on. Your business goals will become much clearer and your bottom line results will love wearing black!


Services Overview

Virtual CFO – part-time accounting & financial management

Interim CFO – temporary solution for permanent placement

Project Manager – special purpose to achieve desired outcomes

Advisory – strategic consulting, mentoring, guidance, representation

Architecture – restructure, re-engineer, business efficiency measures

Planning – business start-ups, growth, budgets, strategies

Compliance – accounting, tax, corporate secretarial

Treasury – cash flow management, funding, debt/equity financing


Our Mission

At MobileCFO, your business’s financial health is our top priority.

We are dedicated to understanding your business needs and providing a simple, easy to manage, business solution so you can focus on keeping your business moving ahead.

Our service is delivered with three ethical principles in mind – integrity, dependability and honesty.

Your hands will no longer be the not ones getting dirty, leave that to us – your business will always stay clean!

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Services List

  • Identify – financial health assessment check
  • Manage – improve liquidity, cash flows & working capital
  • Visualise – business plan preparation, define business concept
  • Plan – budgets, forecasts, growth, variance analysis
  • Improve – implement business efficiency strategies
  • Fund – assist with sourcing capital & lower finance costs
  • Simplify – clean-up, streamline, automate processes
  • Structure – re-engineer, organise, define/allocate tasks
  • Report – accurate & timely accounts, establish KPI’s
  • Perform – sales, inventory, profit, trend analysis
  • Comply – accounting, tax, corporate assistance
  • Protect – minimise risk, insurance, best practices
  • Systems – implement financial systems, procedures
  • Document – workflow, organisation, procedure manuals
  • Administer – back office, payroll, human resources

Available Services

Available for all shapes and sizes!

Small Medium Businesses (SME’s) – Ok, we hear you… you would love to be able to afford your own CFO to take control of your business’s financial management and provide you with sound business and technical expertise that you don’t necessarily have and the resources to make things happen but the numbers just don’t stack up. Well our virtual CFO is your answer! You tell us what you need done or help with, how long for and we will be there for a fraction of the cost of a full time employed CFO and often at less cost than a full time in-house bookkeeper or junior accountant.
Large Corporates – whether you require a interim CFO solution to buy you time whilst you make the right decision with selecting a permanent CFO for your business or whether you CFO has pressing finance projects requiring dedicated management and attention whilst they fulfill their day to day responsibilities (on a part-time or full-time temporary basis) MobileCFO has you covered. Your CFO professional has highly specialised commercial experience in all these situations.

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Business Solutions

Survival – Stay Liquid

Cash is king in any business in order for it to survive. It requires careful attention and effective management. A business owner or manager therefore needs to stay on their toes to prevent a cash crisis. Your virtual CFO can take care of your cash flow management so you can focus on making cash.

Do you know how much accessible cash you have available? Do you know how much you will need to survive?

We examine your current cash position from head to toe, identify areas requiring attention and create strategies that will smooth out the bumps, refocus your cash priorities and provide you with comfort that you are now operating within your working capital means. With a structured cash flow plan in place, your CFO will ensure your business maintains the discipline required week by week to keep on track whilst ensuring there is scope for flexibility and scalability to tackle your next challenge. You will have piece of mind that you can pay your bills when they fall due and eliminate the financial worry that keeps you awake at night.

Continuity – Sound Management

Your virtual CFO wears many hats and provides overall management of your administration, finance & accounting, production, inventory, human resources and facilities.

We are business savvy and our financial expertise adds strength to your business and contract negotiations. Whilst your external accountants and advisors complete your statutory compliance obligations, your virtual CFO’s involvement is an integral part of your business that shares your vision and provides you with a steady hand in execution. This will minimise the risk of your business failing and improve your likelihood of success and increased value of your business. You will continually be educated through your CFO’s mentoring and business coaching and receive reliable and accurate financial information to make the best possible decisions for your business.

Growth – Maximise Your Potential

Need more funding to grow? Unsure of your potential?

Your virtual CFO is your key negotiator when accessing new capital with financiers, bankers and potential investors and they will always ensure you are always getting the best deal. Your virtual CFO will build and present a solid business case that will make you look sharp and impress the socks off your lenders and give them the confidence that your business has the know-how and capability to deliver results. Based on their vast commercial experience, your virtual CFO is your right hand person in marketing your business. They provide you with the options and possible solutions – you make the right decisions!

Growing too fast and spiraling out of control?

Growth is always a healthy indicator that you are on the right track but sometimes we don’t realize our true potential or unaware of missed opportunity. Fast growth can leave you under-prepared and make decision making reactive rather proactive with a sound basis. Band-aids and quick fixes can prove more costly in the long run so time and upfront investment can often lay down the foundations for a healthy future. Your CFO can groom your business so it is ready for growth. We are committed to helping your business maximise its profits and realise your business dreams faster.


Bottom Line

The presence of a highly skilled CFO (virtual or onsite) enables small-medium businesses to benefit in a number of ways. Bottom line – you win on so many levels!

Your CFO is more than a number cruncher, they partner with your business on so many strategic levels. You save money by using your CFO as required rather than paying someone full-time; you gain flexibility by moderating the level of service from your CFO when you need to; you get more bang for your buck by having access to more experience and skill than an in-house bookkeeper or accountant; you gain an independent perspective without the office politics; you have a rational mediator who will tell you what it is without bias or self interest; you get quick solutions based on experienced problem solving; you minimize your risk by not employing full-time staff; you get fresh ideas from your CFO’s diverse client and industry experience. Once translated, you have a healthy bottom line!

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Clients List


Provided interim CFO support & directorship for new business start-up in Australia for established foreign business.

Napoleon Perdis Cosmetics

Provided interim CFO support, & Business Architecture for financial models, strategic plans, budgeting and forecasting. Project managed the finance ERP system implementation & operations interface.

Vinta Group

Provided interim CFO support, project managed the AIFRS implementation.

Sakkara Group

Provided interim CFO support and project management.

DDB Worldwide

Provided interim Corporate Finance Manager support for US head office consolidated reporting of the Australian business.

Mantra Group (Stella Hospitality)

Completed the year-end project of consolidating the group’s businesses and audited accounts.


Managed the budgeting & planning process for the whole business for the 1995 fiscal year.



“I highly recommend Paul Zisson as an extremely skilled and dedicated professional who has gone well beyond what could reasonably expected of him in the line of duty during his time at ID&T as CFO of our Australian operation.” October 15, 2010
Chris van Overbeeke,
Global CFO, ID&T


Your CFO

Meet Paul Zisson – your highly skilled, professionally qualified, chartered accountant with over 20 years of sound commercial and consulting experience. Paul has gained high quality expertise through working around the world for both large and small-medium (SME’s) organisations across all business sectors.

Paul is extremely commercial and business savvy and brings a fresh, real hands-on, honest, approach to business. He is passionate about working with fast growing and dynamic businesses and applying his extensive commercial expertise to help them blossom and be competitive.

More recently, Paul has enjoyed consulting as an independent CFO contractor to many Australian businesses in Sydney for the past 8 years, assisting them identify and manage their financial and operational objectives, working closing with business owners, directors, senior management, staff and their service providers, just like he is one of their team! He has also occupied directorship on his client’s board based on his hard work, belief and commitment to their business’s success.

Whilst there is always a serious side to getting the job done professionally, Paul is not your typical bean counter and his accommodating and friendly personality will no doubt enable you to see the light side of being in business and provide you with the positive direction and loyal support you need to be successful.

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